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Equiderma products include: Equiderma Neem Shampoo, Equiderma skin lotion, Equiderma skin lotion for horses with skin problems, Equiderma Neem shampoo and conditioner for horses, Equiderma wound ointment for wounds in horses, Equiderma Natural Neem fly spray for horses, Equiderma Neem and Arnica sheath cleanser, Equiderma Zinc Oxide Paste for Pastern Dermatitis & Sunburn For Horses, Equiderma Neem & Aloe Natural Outdoor Spray For Horses.
They treat many ailments including:  Sweet itch, rain scald, mud fever, dermatitis, fistulous withers, main and tail itching.
Used regularly they help keep your horses coat in beautiful condition.

Welcome to Equiderma

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