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Great selection of equestrian sheepskin accessories; from Sheepskin Noseband Covers to Bareback pads,
from Seat Savers to Sheepskin Numnahs. Horsedream UK has the lot.

All our products are made 100% Merino lambskin and are made to the highest quality specifications. Lambskins are used because of their denser wool and they have a high therapeutic value; they promote circulation and are temperature balancing. They reduce saddle pressure, are shock absorbing and prevent the development of sores.

Sheepskin Nose-band and Poll Guards and Sheepskin Breastplate covers

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Sheepskin Seat savers for Western saddles and Australian stock saddles

      Sheepskin seat saver for the Australian stock saddle Sheepskin seat saver for the Western saddle Sheepskin seat saver for the Western saddle

Sheepskin Endurance Pads, Sheepskin Treeless Saddlepads
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BareBareback pads – Basic PLUS – Premium PLUS – Iberica PLUS – Cloud Special

Basic PLUS Bareback pad in Brown Premium PLUS Bareback pad in Natural Iberica PLUS in Charcoal

 Sheepskin girths – Dressage girths – Shaped girths – Long girths – Western girths.

Horsedream half moon/banana sheepskin girth 6664-62


What Christ Lammfelle say about their business:

Our tannery has received many awards from environmental organisations in the
past years for its exemplary facilities and equipment, and its working conditions.
We are the only tannery in the world (that we know of) to release no toxins
to the environment.
We also refuse any involvement with live animal exports.

Using renewable energies to heat water
Tanneries need large quantities of water. Our Toryal tannery uses 120,000 litres of water each day, which first has to be heated up to a temperature of 80°C. This used to require 3,600 litres of heating oil every single day but since 2005 we have been pursuing the ambitious goal of completely switching over to renewable energies. This goal has been a reality since 12 April 2007.

The first step was to build a solar energy plant, which immediately produced savings of 20%. At the same time they planted eucalyptus trees, and today there are some 600,000 trees over an area covering 380ha. A high-speed chipping machine makes wood chips from the wood, and these chips not only help to optimise combustion but also reduce the wood needed by 5% in comparison with burning logs. The naturally occurring CO2 emissions produced by the combustion process are compensated for by the new trees planted.
Toryal thus produces no CO2 emissions and has secured its supply
of renewable energies for the next 50 years – a major contribution
in terms 
of protecting the environment.

After tanning and while still wet, the leather side of each of the lambskins is buffed by hand until it is even, smooth and silk-matt. The skins are then dried and with the help of special machines they “plate” (a similar process to ironing), comb and shear the skins and get them into their finished form. They are then sorted according to quality grade.
All skins are put through several processes just in the pre-production phase alone
before they go on to be made up into finished products. For instance, each lambskin is carefully examined and classified according to its particular use before being sent to the production department. Each skin is unique and different in terms of the structure of its wool and leather side. All the processes involved are carried out exclusively by trained specialists so as to ensure the lambskin is put to the best possible use. With experienced master furriers critically scrutinising each step, the skins are then cut to size by hand using special leather knives.

Horse Dream is proud to be the UK importer of Christ Lammfelle
Equestrian sheepskin products


Horsedream Bareback pad

Horse Dream UK
Quality Sheepskin products for Your Equestrian needs

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