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Christ Lammfelle C7 Environmentally friendly Detergent is specially formulated for use on all sheepskin/lambskin products. It extends the life of your product by preventing the natural oils being stripped from the hide, as a regular detergent will. It can also be used for wool and silk products, where it preserves the softness of the delicate fibres and protects their colours. C7 Detergent is environmentally friendly with a neutral PH. It contains bio-degradable anionic surfacants but no phosphates or alkalis. All Horsedream products are made of 100% Merino lambskin, famous for its superior density and softness. Thanks to a medical tanning process of the lambskin, all our products can be machine washed at low temperatures. C7 detergent is available in 250ml bottle (approx 9 washes) and 500ml (approx 18 washes). Set your washing machine to the wool cycle at 30°C. You may add fabric softener during the last rinse. Horsedream products can be spun and then dried in the tumble-dryer using the delicate fabrics programme.

250ml Lambskin Detergent Numnah - Half lined - Black/natural Half Pad - Border - PREORDER approx 1 week
Saddlecloth - Fully lined - PREORDER approx 10 days Endurance pads for Treeless Saddles - Fully lined Saddle pad - Western Short pad - PREORDER
Bareback Pad - Premium PLUS - FULL size Bareback pad - The Iberica PLUS - FULL size Cloud 'Special' - Bareback Pad - Pony size
Dressage girth - Half moon/Banana shaped - Black/natural Dressage girth - Sheepskin Contoured. Brown/Natural Girth - Regular Contoured/shaped Sheepskin girth. Black/natural
Australian stock saddle Seat Saver Cover - Western Seat Saver Laramie Cover - Seat Saver English

Quality Sheepskin products for your Equestrian needs

Horse Dream UK stocks a wide range of Equestrian Sheepskin products.
Our range includes lambskin Numnahs and Saddle pads, Girths and girth covers/sleeves, Treeless saddlepads and Western saddle accessories.
We also are home to the ultimate Bareback Riding Pad – a pad that can be used instead of a saddle; allowing your horse full movement and giving you the oppportunity to ride in comfort whilst feeling the warmth of your horse and all his movements.
We aim to always provide a fast, friendly service. Please see customer Testimonials on or products and service.
The Horsedream range has been produced by Christ Lammfelle in Germany under strict quality controls, by a tannery that is famous for its light, durable lambskin products. They have won many awards for environmental protection, are self sufficient and produce zero pollution.
For more information on the manufacturing of our products, please see our About us section.
All our products are made 100% Merino lambskin and are made to the highest quality specifications. Lambskins are used because of their denser wool and they have a high therapeutic value; they promote circulation and are temperature balancing. They reduce saddle pressure, are shock absorbing and prevent the development of sores.

We stock: Australian stock saddle pads •  Endurance sheepskin saddle pad for Treeless saddles •  Sheepskin half pads • Sheepskin numnahs • Sheepskin saddle pads • Sheepskin treeless saddle pads • Sheepskin western saddle pads • Bareback riding pads • Sheepskin girths and covers • Sheepskin Seat savers and all kinds of  Sheepskin accessories for Horses. To view our full range, please visit us at

All Horsedream products can be washed in the machine and tumble dried!
Use C7 Sheepskin detergent
Coupon code DET11 with orders over £60, for free 250ml detergent.

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