People who love horses and could actually afford their passion ought to consider important tips or guidelines for purchasing equestrian property. Horse ownership may be a costly endeavor to begin with, but it proves to be a long-term and reliable investment for those who have the resources. Either you are a beginner, competitor or professional equestrian or a business-oriented investor dealing with horse selling, there are common features of equestrian properties that must be on top of your list when considering buying one.

The Acreage 
Equestrian lands vary depending on its features such as the quality of the pasture and the acreage. It is advised that those who want to purchase a property intended for keeping and raising their horse must provide at least one acre of land for each horse on site. It is even imperative that you get two acres in cases that the pasture or grass quality do not pass standard for grazing. Make sure that the property is amenable for construction or building permission especially if there are yet no stables in the area. You also need to allot an additional portion of land where you can establish yourself and stay to look after your horses.

The Weeds 
This is very vital as weeds especially ragwort is quite fatal and poisonous for horses thus, make sure to check the property to avoid it if by chance it is riddled with weeds. Ragwort weeds are tough and stubborn weeds that germinate rapidly and spread in properties when not attended to accordingly. Thus, scan the property carefully before purchasing it, extending your inspection to nearby places where ragwort is possibly lurking nearby.

The Water Supply 
This is vital for the health and sanitation of your horses, thus make sure you are not only dealing with the quantity of the water supply but most especially the quality that directly affects the health of your paddocks. You may avail a water report to be sure and deal with the drainage system as well. A wet surrounding is not typically healthy for horses as it may eventually convert the land into mush.

The Pasture 
It is equally important to check the quality of the land you are going to purchase as your equestrian property. Lands which are highly acidic may affect and rapidly consume the holes in your horse’s hooves. It may also determine the quality of grass that grows around for grazing. Thus be certain that the venue is ideal to develop a nice green pasture for the health and comfort of your horses.

The Fencing 
This is an additional feature that you may include in your criteria since strong and dependable fencing is needed to ensure your horse does not escape or other animals get in the property. You may prefer post and rail fences which are more reliable options than hedges. Make sure that you have enough budgets since fencing just a few acres would actually cost you a fortune.

Purchasing equestrian property is indeed a very valuable investment that you need to do with utmost attention and care. It is a long-term venture that will profit you in future pursuits and passions.

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