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Dear All,

Warm weather is just around the corner. It’s time to prepare for bug season. We are now taking pre-orders for the season to try to get ahead on the avalanche of orders this time of year.

All of your orders will ship March 1st.

No Coupon code necessary –

Just go on over to where you’ll find our Gallon + FREE QUART special on the home page. 

Here’s to bug free rides and summer dreams come true!

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Bethany at Equiderma

P.S. Sale good through Saturday, February 24th

I love all natural products and would cringe when I had to spray a chemical fly spray on my mare. I’ve tried multiple fly sprays over the last ten years, mostly chemical but a few other natural ones, and was constantly disappointed. It seemed as if the other fly sprays would cut the amount of flies choosing to “land” on her in half, but never really provide a quality barrier or shield as well as the fact that after an hour it was like she had never been sprayed at all. With Equiderma, the flies see the bottle coming and take off before the spraying starts now. I don’t see a single fly land on her for hours, and the ones that think about it quickly change their minds and head off to another pony. I am so happy to have found an ALL NATURAL PRODUCT THAT WORKS!
Reagen – Texas
I used Equiderma Neem and Aloe products all summer…fly spray, shampoo, and conditioner. Outstanding results on this 25 year old mare!
Laura – Texas
The most AWESOME fly spray ever! When everyone else is stomping and tail swishing, my horses are happy with no flies bugging them. This spray REALLY WORKS!!!

The flies have been extra bad at Delaware Park Racetrack backside. After purchasing the Equiderma Fly spray, I would watch the flies land on the horses and within a second….jump off!
Leonie – Delaware
My mare has had extremely bad allergies to some kind of biting bug here in North Carolina. I have tried everything including allergy shots. Though they helped some they did not relieve the itching. Equiderma shampoo applied straight from the bottle, waiting 30 minutes, then rinsing off. Effect was amazing! She was calm in her own skin! The Fly Spray is the first I’ve found the works!
I’m slowly replacing every product with the Equiderma brand.
Victoria – North Carolina

Equiderma Natural Fly Spray is absolutely amazing! Maggie, my beloved horse, gets spoiled everyday. After daily grooming and a bath, she gets to leisurely graze in her favorite field of new grass and clover. BUT THE FLYS always interrupt her happiness! I found this natural fly spray works much better than all the others out there. The bonus is that I don’t feel like I am poisoning myself or Maggie! I am really happy to have found this product!
Shirley – Maryland
My mare Jazz is a fly magnet. Equiderma fly spray keeps flies away for 2/3 days. I love that it’s natural and doesn’t make her coat greasy. I’ve also sprayed it on open sores from fly bites and it heals in about 3 days. Love this product!
I purchased these products with high hopes! My OTTB gets eaten alive by flies due to her very thin skin and short summer hair. Store bought fly sprays seem to work for a few minutes and then the flies are back again attacking both me and her. This makes summer hacks a little unpredictable as she is quite reactive to being pestered by flies and will run off with you to get away from them. I have been using these products for a few weeks now and am quite pleased. I use the skin lotion on her tummy and in between both pairs of legs as well as all over her face and ears. No more irritation. No more bites. No more kicking herself. No more stomping violently. No more tears running from her eyes. Nothing! There may still be an occasional fly, but there are no more swarms. After applying the lotion, I mist her with the fly spray and we are good to go. Love this stuff! I also love that getting it on me is NO problem. Thank you!
Despite our spray being my own formulation I am grateful to have it every day. I don’t know what I would do without it. Besides the barn I keep a bottle of our spray on the front porch and in my car. It has come to be an integral part of summer days when I am with and without my horses. I hope you all love it as much as I do.
Thank you for being a part of my life and this beautiful journey called Equiderma!
My poor guy was being eaten alive by flies. I tried everything..even made my own homemade leg covers from socks to keep the flies off! Then I tried Equiderma fly spray and no accessories needed!
I was hesitant to order and skeptical that anything would help with these terrible flies and gnats this year, this stuff works great! I apply in the am and it gives them relief all day
J Grahn
For the longest time I’ve wanted to use a less toxic fly spray on my horses. I tried the Avon Skin So Soft recipes, which made me gag and made my horses big greasy dirt balls. I came across a lot of recommendations for Equiderma’s fly spray and figured I had nothing to lose. After all, the chemical counterparts do nothing but poison my horses. After receiving my order I wasn’t terribly impressed because I still saw flies buzzing around the horses. Well..the other day I was planning on riding so I only sprayed the one horse who would remain in the pasture thinking I would spray my mare when I tack up. I came back about 30 minutes later to take her up to the barn and my gelding was grazing happily but my mare was stomping her feet and madly swishing her tail. I could hardly take 3 steps at a time before she would have to stop to reach her head around to swat at the dozens of flies on her body. So much for not being convinced that this stuff works! I just proved to myself that it really does work and the horses aren’t big greasy dirt balls.

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