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I came across a very interesting article from Equiderma, promoting their Calendula Wound Ointment and giving case studies of horses that have used this cream with great success. As a firm believer in Natural products and Herbal Remedies, i wanted to share their post.
Be warned there are some gruesome images below…but all with very happy endings.
Equiderma are based in the US but do ship Worldwide

Equiderma Calendula & Neem Wound Ointment Contains:
Organic Neem Oil, Calendula, Lavender, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax
“My gelding, Sky, cut his eyelid rather severely this spring. I treated it daily with Equiderma wound ointment, and it healed with no discernible scar! I’m so pleased, because I thought he’d have a disfiguring scar. Thank you Equiderma!!! “
France Hofmeister, DVM
(see Sky’s story below)
Calendula has been scientifically proven to speed the healing of burns, bruises, and cuts, and the infections they cause. Studies show that calendula speeds healing by increasing blood flow to the injury, and helping the body produce collagen proteins used to heal skin and connective tissue.
Great For Both
Horse and Rider!
What are you using for wound care?
Dear All,
As we all know – If you own horses long enough sooner or later you’ll be facing a tough wound. It’s just part of our passion. Horses can hurt themselves in a padded cell.
Years ago, before I started Equiderma, I always used Betadine, Corona, Furizone, antibiotic ointment or maybe something the vet had mixed up for me. WHY? Because it was tradition and what everyone else was doing. It was what I was told to do. Was I wowed by the results? No… Are you?
Ideally what should a wound ointment do? Amplify healing so you see drastic improvement every day? Relieve pain & suffering? Repel flies? Stop Proud Flesh? Minimize scarring?
For me, creating a wound ointment that did all these things became a priority and I’m happy to say Equiderma Calendula and Neem Ointment does all these things with amazing success.
I love all my products, but by far my favorite is my calendula wound ointment. It is my favorite because it saves lives, lameness and stops suffering. Too often during my horse rescue days, veterinary advice was to put a horse down. God, Mother Nature and me had a different opinion more often than not and armed with my wound ointment, horrific cases were turned around with beautiful outcomes.
Over the years I’ve worked on hundreds of serious wounds. I know how they behave, I know what superior, healthy healing is. Until I developed this wound ointment results were unremarkable. Now, I am armed, dangerous and confident when dealing with even the worst wounds. You can be too… You will truly find it a godsend if a serious wound comes your way. Not just for your horse but for yourself as well.
Please read further to see the wonderful results Laura, Brownie and many others have experienced. I know this email is long, but it is well worth the time. The ability to effectively handle wounds is an important part of horse ownership.
I hope you’ll give it a try. Trust me, you’ll never regret having it on hand. It truly is an angel of healing in a jar. It seems to know just what to do.
With happy healing in mind –
From my heart to yours,
As told by his Mom ~ Laura
Meet Laura, a long-time Equiderma customer and her little quarter horse gelding, Brownie with his friend Chance.
Brownie was injured while being bullied by another horse.
The photos below depict the progression of Brownies wound from day one to full recovery.
*Equiderma Calendula Wound Ointment was not introduced into the treatment of Brownie’s wound until the twelfth day after injury. Please note the acceleration in healing.
Day 1 – “One day, I came out to the barn to find that Brownie had gotten into some trouble. Another horse rammed Brownie into a latch on one of the stall doors…
The result was truly horrible.”
“This is the culprit that caused the injury. If you have these kind of latches you may want to consider changing them to something safer.
They are responsible for lots of injuries like Brownie’s.”
Day 1 – “Our vet worked for 4 hours to repair the damage. He said in his 35 years of practicing, this wound was in the top 10 of the worst he had ever treated. The cost of stitches… $700.00
Brownie had a long road to recovery…or so I thought.”
DAY 2 – “There was a lot of swelling.
I knew the stitches wouldn’t hold up for long.”
DAY 5 – “The front stitches were the first to go.
I started him on antibiotics and waited to see what happened.”
Day 7 – “Most of the stitches have come out and the wound is beginning to show signs of infection. “
Day 10 -“Time for the follow-up vet check. Dr. Lewis came out and cleaned the wound. It looked better when he left that day. He told me to use Betadine and flush it well. But other plans were in the works.”
Day 12 – “Things are looking pretty bad and I am growing more and more worried for Brownie. “
DAY 12 – At this point, I sought the help of a trusted friend and the creator of Equiderma, Bethany Padgett. We made a plan to care for the wound.
I did this twice a day for the next month. The results were amazing.
Time To Get Down to Business
Bethany showed me her system of wound healing.
1. I would start with hydrogen peroxide and drench the wound. This would loosen any scabs and dead tissue while also oxygenating the area.
2. Next I used Equiderma Neem and Arnica Shampoo and scrubbed all the debris away, then rinsed with cool water.
3. Then came the flushing of the pocket. The skin had ripped away from the muscle above the back wound and had made a deep pocket. Bethany said infection could get in there quick so we used chlorhexadine solution and a large syringe to flush out the pocket until no more dead tissue and pus remained.
4. After all dead tissue was removed and the wound was clean, I would dry the wound and then apply Equiderma Calendula Wound Ointment.
5. I did this morning and night – Twice a day.
Day 12 since injury. “After cleaning and prior to the first wound ointment application. I would apply the ointment thoroughly on and around the wound and inside the pocket (with a smaller syringe). The ointment kept the flies off, but it was the middle of summer in Florida so I gave it a couple mists of neem fly spray just for good measure.
Day 1 with Equiderma Wound Ointment
Day 18since injury – “The wound has been treated with Equiderma Wound Ointment for 6 days. The healing that has taken place is remarkable.”
Day 6 with Equiderma Wound Ointment
Day 19 since injury – “I have used the Equiderma Calendula Wound ointment for 7 days in this picture, SO AMAZING!
I was cleaning the wound 2 times a day, morning and evening.”
Day 7 with Equiderma Wound Ointment
Day 23 – “It’s looking better every day. All signs of infection are gone. It is as healthy as a wound can be!”
11 days with Equiderma Wound Ointment
Day 25 since injury – “The pocket has almost healed at this point.”
Day 13 with Equiderma Wound Ointment
Day 30 – “A steady march to complete healing is happening right before my eyes. I am amazed and happy. So is Brownie.”
Day 18 with Equiderma Wound Ointment
Day 37 – “Only seven days later and the wound is half the size.”
Day 25 with Equiderma Wound Ointment
Day 40 – “It’s shriiiinking! “
Day 28 with Equiderma Wound Ointment
Day 55 – “Looking great behind but still has a good way to go up front.”
Day 43 with Equiderma Wound Ointment
Day 75 – “Brownie’s wound is all healed and as good as new. Just a small scar to serve as a reminder of this tough time we shared. He was a little saint throughout the entire treatment.”
Day 63 with Equiderma Wound Ointment
~ Brownie Enjoying Better Days ~
And we all lived happily ever after…
“Thank you for taking the time to read my wound care journey with Brownie. It was a tough time for both of us, but with the aid of Equiderma Wound Ointment we were able to heal him fast without infection. My tack box will never be without it.” Laura
A Few More Customer Wound Success Stories
(We have tons, but I don’t want to put you to sleep)
Sky’s injury
It healed with no discernible scar!!!
My gelding, Sky, cut his eyelid rather severely this spring. I treated it daily with Equiderma wound ointment, and it healed with no discernible scar!!! I’m so pleased, because I thought he’d have a disfiguring scar. Thank you Equiderma!!!
France Hofmeister, DVM
After treating Sky’s injury
The beginning of the infection and very long healing process
We are finally on the road to full healing after 4 months of treating with other products!
Now we are seeing a huge amount of progress!!!
In July we noticed my daughter’s horse has scabs on all 4 of his cannon bones. At first we thought it was dry skin and my daughter tried to clean it off, only to expose fresh skin underneath. Over the course of a few months the infection spread to other parts of his cannon bone and became very infected. I tried everything, including antibiotics and a few hundred dollars worth of medicine from our Vet. Unfortunately it did not heal the wound. His legs had to be wrapped 24/7 and we spent weeks changing his bandages. I couldn’t allow the wounds to exposed to the air because of flies and possible reinfection.
After seeing the Honey’s video about Equiderma Wound Ointment I decided to try it. I also bought the Neem Shampoo and cleaned the wounds twice a day, just like Honey’s owner. In less than one week his wounds have been healing and the skin is no longer dark pink. As of today the skin is almost a nice baby pink! I cannot believe it. We have been treating these wounds for 4 months and now we are seeing a huge amount of progress!!! We have told all of my daughter’s equestrian teammates about this product!!! Thank you SO much for creating these wonderful products! We have the Horse Spray too and absolutely love it! We will never use another fly spray!
Tina J. – Granite Bay, California
Near full recovery with minimal scarring in just over a month.
He’s made nearly a full recovery with little to no scarring!
I’ve been a big fan of Equiderma after seeing awesome results from the Skin Lotion for a variety of skin ailments. My horses all love it, and it saved my mini horses nearly bald face from a fly spray chemical reaction. I had seen excellent reviews for the Wound Ointment but never had an injury bad enough for it until my rescue horse badly hurt his knee being chased over a wire fence. When my farm sitter sent me the first pic, I knew I needed to give it a try. My friend graciously went to the tack store to pick up some Equiderma Wound Ointment for me. Kudos to my stellar farm sitter for treating it everyday. When I returned, it looked so much better but still on the road to recovery. We continued washing and applying Wound Ointment daily. I’m very impressed with the results as expected. It’s been just over 1 month and he’s made nearly a full recovery with little to no scarring. So thankful!
kbrewer59 – Geneva, Fl.
photo 1: she caught her fetlock on the fence and tore it from the bottom up. The skin flap is completely unattached.
12 hours after the Equiderma ointment was on the skin flap was completely reattached!
In this photo we see continued wound progression while using the Equiderma Calendula and Neem Ointment. The wound was healing noticeably every day. After using the ointment for 2 days her lameness and pain disappeared, and you can see the skin growing back over the wound.
This photo is from the day I purchased the ointment. I was soaking her wound in epsom salts every 24 hours, applying a myriad of other ointments, and wrapping the wound. The wound is 1 week old at this point and there is almost no healing going on.
This is a photo from the day I got the ointment in the mail. I immediately went to the barn, soaked her hoof, applied the ointment, and re-wrapped the wound.
1 week after beginning use of the Equiderma ointment we were back on the trail 🙂
Equiderma Gave Me My Horse Back!
My mare (Hunny the Missouri Fox Trotter), had an unusual knack for injuring herself. Every time we were getting somewhere in training she did something new to herself! However, this wire cut took the cake. My girl developed a nasty habit of pawing at wire fences. We have since invested in an electric wire which has solved the problem. For this particular cut she caught her fetlock on the fence, and pulled, tearing the wire from the bottom of her coronet band up through her heel bulb onto her fetlock. My farrier was scheduled to be out a short time later and he thought she may be lame for the rest of her life from this injury.
At this point in the summer I had an entire tack store of ointments and sprays in my first aid kit so I thought no big deal. I started doing typical wound care on this such as soaking every 24 hours in epsom salts to keep it clean, applying my ointments that were professed 99% effective, and wrapped the wound. Well after a week and a half of NO progress I was not only worried but very frustrated. I was listening the Horses in the Morning on the Horse Radio network and they were talking about Equiderma. Well, I figured I have nothing to lose, so might as well check it out. I went to the website and purchased the Calendula and Neem ointment. I was so upset by this point that I wasn’t expecting much. While I waited for the ointment to arrive I continued my wound regimen. Well the ointment arrived in a few short days (I was expecting a week!), and as soon as I got it I drove to the stable to try it out.
I had been documenting this wound care on my Facebook account, desperate for someone to offer some other ointment to use, anything to make this wound heal. I created a 4 photo collage of the Equiderma ointment (included in the testimony) of the wound just after cleaning, the ointment, and the ointment applied. I put the bandage back on and played the waiting game.
Now, generally I only remove a bandage every 24 hours, but the next day I was SO excited to see if there was progress that I just had to remove the bandage and check the wound. Her skin flap was COMPLETELY reattached! I was speechless, I literally had no words. My eyes teared up as I checked over the wound. Her wound was obviously smaller. I took a photo and posted it to my Facebook account. Everyone was shocked at how well this healed in such short a time! I continued use of the ointment and wrapping. After a day we started hand walking because Hunny’s pain was gone. After a week the wound was down to an inch and a half in diameter. After two weeks it was the size of a dime. Now, her scar is nearly indecipherable. Every time my farrier comes out he comments on how amazing her fetlock looks. Every one of my friends on Facebook that watched out progress using this ointment comments when they see us and ask to see her scar. No one can believe it.
Equiderma gave me my horse back and kept me from losing her to possible life-long lameness. I will never use another ointment again. I continue to purchase Equiderma products to grow my collection. I advocate it to our local tack shops. My friends are all adding it to their first aid kit. I love this ointment, love the small business, and love having my beautiful riding partner back. Thanks Equiderma! -Chantel Williams and Hunny the Missouri Fox Trotter

Equiderma is committed to helping you keep your horse’s tail, mane, and coat in the best condition possible. Whether you are dealing with a tough skin issue or just want the best grooming products available, we have the perfect solution.

Our new and innovative system will nourish, protect and improve the skin and coat with every application.  Your horse’s silky glow is sure to put a smile in your heart.

Our featured products include:

  • Equiderma Skin Lotion for horses with skin problems
  • Equiderma Neem Shampoo
  • Equiderma Neem & Aloe Conditioner
  • Equiderma Wound Ointment
  • Equiderma Neem & Aloe Horse Spray
  • Equiderma Neem Sheath, Udder & Genital Cleanser


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