I was recently sent the following email from Equiderma. They donate 10% of their profits to charity each month and below is the Thankyou email from the Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang Rescue for foals who had just received a cheque from Equiderma.
It is so nice to hear of family run companies producing natural, ethical, great products and supporting charities with a share of their profits.
I have used Equiderma products on my horse and find them very effective, but importing to the UK is sadly very expensive.
If you are in the US, i would strongly recommend checking out their products.
Here is the email:



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Dear Equiderma Family,

Last week we donated 10% of October’s sales to the Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang Rescue for foals orphaned by wild horse roundups on the Yakima Indian reservation. Thank you to all who purchased Equiderma products or donated to Chilly Pepper directly. Because of you, we were able to help make a big difference.

My heartfelt thanks to all who helped fund this emergency rescue of mustang foals from the Yakima Reservation.


We received the following letter from Palomino Armstrong to let us know how the foals we helped rescue at Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang are faring:
Hi Bethany, 

Just wanted to say THANK YOU, to the Equiderma customers who helped save 18 foals and horses. I am attaching pictures of some of the ones your donations helped us save. Without the funds we received from you and your Equiderma Family, these lives would have been lost.

The grey filly “Cassie”, in the pics was used for “tripping” (an incredibly cruel sport which involves the roping of a horse’s hooves, forcing them to trip and fall.) As you can see in the photo collage, she is covered in scars and wounds. She is one of last year’s foals, but even after being abused since birth, she is still the sweetest little mare – although pretty darn scared. The babies we do not pick up, end up being used like this or being used for dog food.

“Cassie” (the tripping horse shown above) and the bay with the baby were in too “poor of shape” to ship, They would have been sold for dog food if we didn’t get them out.


(I had to look up ‘tripping’ as i had never heard of this and was horrified to see this explanation: Young Horses Tripped for Fun. Crowds gather to watch as young horses are bullied around a ring where two men on horseback chase the yearling, lasso it’s neck and front legs, forcing it to fall to the ground. The damage done to the horse is physical and emotional)

Right now we have 29 horses and Matt is picking up 11 more in a couple of days.

When he gets home we will have 40. We will place as many as we can once they are healthy and ready for their new homes. In the meantime, we have ongoing vet bills to geld some the new ones, more vet bills for the special needs kids and $3,000 a month for feed and hay. (The vet bill was over $1,900.)

We cannot thank everyone enough for stepping up to make it possible to save these lives. Each and every one of them is precious and none of them deserved to be loaded onto that slaughter truck. These babies are over 400 pounds so they could have either been shipped or sold for tripping. Without our intervention that would have been their fate.

God bless and thank you again.

We are grateful to have the amazing support that we do. We want to thank Bethany and all of y’all, whether you donated directly or bought product. These last 18 were literally saved because of Equiderma customers.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Palomino, Matt & all the Critters

Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang
Equine Rescue & More –
Rescue/Rehab Project WIN


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