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Did you know that most Equiderma products are organic? They care about your horses’ well-being and have formulated the safest and most effective products for treating all sorts of ailments, from dandruff to tail itching and every inch between.
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Use code: EARTH20

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Give your horse the best with Equiderma Royal Spa Treatment
~ Everything you’ll ever need to keep your horse happy and beautiful ~


We’ve gotten more than just a whisper from customers
who love our gentle yet super effective products.

I tried the neem oil-based Equiderma fly spray after listening to a friend say it worked better than anything she tried and she was right! This is my go-to fly spray now. No more flies with this stuff!
I’ve tried several different products and remedies for my gelding’s itchy skin with limited success. I heard about Equiderma, tried the lotion and his skin quickly cleared up. It’s soothing and stops the itching. Equiderma is the only product I’ll use from now on.
Where do I even begin? I love everything about Equiderma’s products as well as the brand itself. The exceptional customer service and the quality of their products is what keeps me as a returning customer.
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(800) 573-1020
 Equiderma Neem & Aloe Fly Spray is an all-natural insect repellent and features an eco-safe formula that’s great for the environment, you, and your entire family. Backed by the power of neem, aloe and 8 fly-fighting natural oils, you can use it with confidence to protect your horses, ponies, foals, dogs, pigs, cows, llamas, alpacas, even chickens from blood-sucking insects
 Equiderma has brought natural excellence to the pet care product world for years. Trusted and dependable Top Quality Organic Grooming and Skin Care Products for Horses and Dogs Powerful, Natural, Highly Effective solutions for the animals you love.
 Rain rot, scratches, mane and tail rubbing, insects feasting, ring worm, face, ear and cannon bone crud, the dreaded mallenders/sallenders, midline scabbing and weird mystery patches will become a distant memory. Simply apply and let Equiderma Leave on Skin Lotion do its job. It is fast acting, non-messy, easy to apply, will never sting or burn and is scented with lavender essential oil. Your horse’s aromatherapy favourite.



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