Do You ride with an Australian Stock Saddle?

 Looking for an excellent quality, easy care for, resilient, long lasting, comfortable, breathe-able, sweat absorbing, temperature balancing numnah, for your Australian Stock Saddle?

Need a little extra cushioning for your for your derriere? Maybe you need a super-soft Seat Saver designed for your Australian Stock Saddle

Beautifully designed and crafted 100% Merino Lambskin Numnahs for your Australian Stock Saddle and Super Comfy. shock absorbing 100% Merino Lambskin Seat Savers from Horse Dream UK


Australian Stock saddle Pad


Horse Dream 100% Merino lambskin. Saddle pad designed for the Australian Stock Saddle. Full lined with natural merino lambskin to a depth of approx 30mm, it fits beautifully beneath the saddle. Hard wearing Brown or Black quilted, cotton, twill upper with integrated nylon protection to help prevent chafing around the girth. One size – Pad length 63cm (along the spine) 58cm from centre of spine to the bottom of the panel. Manufactured by Christ Lammfelle.
Available with Brown or Black upper material with Natural (undyed) Lambskin


Australian stock saddle Seat Saver
Horse Dream seat saver for the Australian stock saddle. Supersoft 100% Merino lambskin. One size. Merino lambskin seat saver offering a high level of comfort, softness and warmth for the rider. Sheepskin pile depth is approx 30mm. Great for longer rides; provides shock absorption to the rider. Particularly beneficial if you have/or have had a back injury. Manufactured by Christ Lammfelle. Optimised seam design and a special sewing technique ensure a perfect fit for your saddle. This craftsmanship enables the best possible protection by eliminating pressure and chafing points.
Available in Natural, Charcoal and Brown.

Lambskins have a high therapeutic value; they promote circulation and are temperature balancing. They reduce saddle pressure and prevent the development of sores. In addition, lambskins do not provide a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, and they neutralize acids and odours and are naturally dirt resistant. They are easy care and hard wearing. All Horse Dream lambskin products have been practically designed to easily withstand normal washing in the machine and even tumble drying!

Lambskin is a natural product, it is fully breathable, suitable for both summer and winter use and is excellent from a hygiene point of view as it is naturally bacteria resistant. Horse Dream lambskins have been carefully created to be very easy care and involve no more and, if anything, less work than equestrian products made from other substances. The softness of the lambskin against the horses skin will help the horse to feel comfortable, take away any pressure from the saddle or bridle, and encourage the horse to move freely. It will help to prevent sweating or rubbing, and aid the horse in its ability to perform and respond to the rider, feeling only what you want the horse to feel i.e. you, the rider!, and not uneven pressure from the tack.

Shipping Worldwide

The Australian Stock Saddle is a saddle in popular use all over the world for activities that require long hours in the saddle and a secure seat. The saddle is popular for cattle work, everyday pleasure riding, trail riding, endurance riding and is also used in Australian campdrafting competitions and stockman challenges.

The traditional Australian stock saddle was designed for security and comfort in the saddle no matter how harsh the conditions. While having stylistic roots from the English saddle in the design of the seat, panels, fenders, and stirrups, it has a much deeper seat, higher cantle, and knee pads in the front to create a very secure saddle for riders who ride in rough conditions or spend long hours on a horse.

The Australian stock saddle is also great for Nervous riders,
Suspect Horses, Hacking, Backing, Schooling, Polo-crosse, Young Horses,
Green Horses, Spooky Horses

The Australian Stock saddle is kept on with a girth attached to billets under the flaps, similar to those on a dressage saddle. A surcingle passing over the seat of the saddle is also used to provide additional safety. The rear of the saddle is sometimes secured by a crupper. A breastplate is sometimes added. A saddle blanket or numnah is used under the saddle to absorb sweat and to protect the back of the horse.


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